About us

About us

Pera Premium Properties stands today as a duly organized company. This entire organization is only possible with a team of professionals, who every day do their best to satisfy each client.

Pera Premium Properties is the fruit of an ambitious business project which operated as Imobipera.

After several years of work, with Imobipera as a reference, there came the moment, when the experience gained led us to create our own company and brand, always driven by the constant impetus of development, growth and innovation, while continuing to collaborate in partnership with Imobipera.

Pera Premium Properties is present in the Continente shopping centre and in the real estate agency in Praia da Rocha. The service will continue to be provided by all our staff and will continue to have the very same personalized customer care, as has been up to now.

We hope that we can count on your confidence in this new project, in this new brand and consequently in everything you need within the real estate business.

Our commitment to quality - in customer attendance as well as in providing our services - is the basis of our success and the assurance we give to all our clients.